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This page was published on Feb 22, 2018, edited on Mar 24, 2018 by Dr. Melepura (Pain Management Doctor) of Sports Injury & Pain Management Clinic of New York

Spinal arthritis treatment used to treat facet joint syndrome may mean that you have to change the way you do things. Treatment for spinal arthritis almost always begins with home care. And when you learn how to treat spinal arthritis effectively from your Midtown Manhattan sports medicine doctor, you may not need more invasive facet joint syndrome treatment. Come to our sports injury and pain management clinic to get your spine pain evaluated. Meet our spine doctor Febin Melepura M.D. who is among the best sports injury and spine specialists in NYC.

Facet Joint Syndrome Treatment Doctor in NYC, Spine SpecialistBack pain, neck pain and headaches — all of these can be caused by the same thing. Your daily headache can actually be from facet joint syndrome, also referred to as arthritis, especially if you have several symptoms. But before you start worrying, just know that there are several paths for diagnosis and treatment for spinal arthritis, especially when you put yourself in the hands of the best sports medicine and pain management doctor in Midtown Manhattan.

Arthritis is a leading cause of disability in the United States. While no arthritis is “good” arthritis, spinal arthritis can be extremely painful and detrimental to your quality of life. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of spinal arthritis because it involves the wearing down of the cartilage between your joints.

Not Just for the Elderly

This deterioration of the facet joint most often follows when your joint cartilage begins to break down. This condition can occur from either constant stress on the joint or damage to it directly. Spinal arthritis treatment is a necessity when you begin experiencing pain from continuous wear and tear. And age has less to do with it than you think.

While age certainly can be a factor — and it often is — spinal arthritis can also come from repetitive improper movements or even from poor posture. So even though you may love to practice racquetball in the afternoons, poor form leads to more harm than good.

When Your Back Feels Like It’s on Fire

There are many reasons you can have pain in your back, radiating from your neck to your legs. More than likely, though, you’re looking at facet joint syndrome, also known as spinal arthritis. Before you can even consider any spinal arthritis treatment, you need a diagnosis. To reach an accurate diagnosis, know you have to undergo an evaluation by your NYC doctor. Some common causes of facet joint syndrome or spinal arthritis include:

These symptoms resemble the symptoms of a herniated disc. This wearing down of your spine can lead to the bones in the joints rubbing against each other. If left untreated, it can cause bone spurs and other sources of pain.

Diagnosing Your Pain

When you come in for a consultation, your New York City physician asks you a series of questions that includes a history of your discomfort. Explain when it first started and how acute it feels. Your physician then questions you about your symptoms. Do you experience:

  • Acute pain a couple times a month in your lower back or shoulders?
  • Discomfort while leaning backward?
  • Tenderness near the facet joint in question?
  • An inflamed joint from the loss of spinal muscle?
  • Lower back pain that travels down the back of your legs?
  • Upper back pain the radiates out your shoulders?

Some symptoms are very similar to other lumbar-related issues, such as sciatica and spinal stenosis. But if you consistently notice these symptoms, seek medical help and don’t work out how to treat spinal arthritis yourself.

How to Treat Spinal Arthritis

Treatment for spinal arthritis starts with a proper diagnosis from your New York City. Your doctor may order x-rays, an MRI or a CT scan. These imaging technologies give your doctor a look at the joints and other parts of your spine.

There are both non-surgical treatments and surgical spinal arthritis treatments once you get a diagnosis. The goal is not only to get you relief quickly, but to do it safely and in the least invasive route possible. So, while a non-invasive treatment like physical therapy may take longer, it’s safer to try than surgery. The most common non-surgical options include:

  • Correcting your posture
  • Heat and cold, alternating
  • Physical therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Low-impact exercises
  • Behavior modification
  • A new work environment that includes ergonomic furniture

Fortunately, a combination of these treatments usually reduces your pain to a more manageable level. And while many of these facet joint syndrome treatments help ease pain, they do little to help truly severe arthritis. To relieve your pain and give your body a chance to heal on its own, you may be given injections.

If the injections don’t reduce your pain, you and your NYC physician may agree that surgery is the best course of action. There are two types of surgical options: traditional open spine surgery and minimally invasive decompression surgery. If needed, always opt for less invasive surgery options.

Do you have any questions about the facet joint syndrome treatment we offer in NYC? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the best rated spine doctor Febin Melepura MD of sports injury clinic in NYC? Please contact our office for consultation with the top spine pain relief specialist in Midtown Manhattan.