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This page was published on Feb 22, 2018, edited on Feb 1, 2019 by Dr. Melepura (Pain Management Doctor) of Sports Injury & Pain Management Clinic of New York

Back pain relief is one of the most common reasons people seek a doctor’s care. Back pain NYC treatment requires extensive knowledge and experience to deliver the appropriate treatment for back pain that serves your needs. How to relieve back pain is not a one-size-fits-all cure. Whether you require chronic back pain treatment or intermittent back pain treatments, back pain specialist in NYC at the Sports and Pain Institute of NY provides the care you need. Come see our pain management clinic and meet our back pain doctors to get the pain relief you need in the safe, reassuring hands of the best pain doctors in NYC.

Back Pain Treatment Doctor · Pain Management Clinic NYCYou’re certainly not alone if you’ve struggled at some point in your life with back pain in NYC. It’s one of the most common reasons Americans visit pain management doctors and back pain specialists. Back pain is the number one cause of disability too. The source of the discomfort may vary, but everyone wants to know how to relieve back pain. And even though the severity you experience may range from a dull ache to a stabbing sting, back pain relief is forefront in your mind when it’s happening.

Treatment for back pain in New York varies almost as much as the causes and pain levels. Build a solid relationship with a back pain doctor in New York City, and together, you can prevent your condition from getting worse, reduce your suffering and even find the most effective back pain treatments.

According to the back pain study on Pubmed published in 2017: “Low back pain causes more global disability than any other condition. Once the acute pain becomes chronic, about two-thirds of sufferers will not fully recover after 1–2 years.”

Starting Small and Building Up

Back pain often begins with just a small hint of pain that may develop into more acute symptoms. Very often, home remedies — such as rest and ice application — help your small back discomforts heal, but you need to know when you should visit your Midtown Manhattan back pain specialist for evaluation and treatment before you end up being one of the thousands receiving chronic back pain treatment in New York.

Early warning signs from NYC back pain doctors may include:

  • Throbbing muscle ache
  • Muscle spasms
  • Shooting pain that sometimes goes all the way down one leg
  • Inability to move effectively
  • Sudden stabbing pain

On the other hand, back pain treatment may fall under emergency care when symptoms are severe and immediate, such as:

  • Weakness in your leg that worsens with time and includes a growing lack of bowel control
  • Low back pain accompanied by a stomachache
  • Back pain with fever
  • Weight loss with what feels like a pinched nerve
  • Loss of motor function after an accident

Back pain can be very painful. Visit our back pain doctors in NYC, a spine specialists, for best in class treatment options. Emergency appointments are available at the Midtown Manhattan doctor’s office.

Maintain Regular Fitness Appointments

Treatment for back pain can require anything from a one-time visit to a short bout of physical therapy to invasive surgery. To minimize your risks, you should maintain regular visits to your back pain doctor. Once you’ve experienced back pain, you’re more susceptible to recurring back problems.

To prevent a back pain and further damage our New York pain specialists suggest you to do exercises aimed at strengthening your core and your back, while supporting the muscles that protect your spine.

According to the study “Exercise and physiotherapy for chronic low back pain” published in National Library of Medicine in December 2015: “Regular exercise has also been shown to be very effective at preventing low back pain from returning. Studies show that it can prevent a recurrence in 1 out of 3 people who have recurring acute low back pain. Exercise programs may include things like strength training, stretching, and endurance training. Other kinds of exercise like yoga and pilates may also be suitable for low back pain.”

When your local pain doctor or back pain specialist Dr. Melepura is familiar with your physiology and your history, he can get right to the solution, knowing how to relieve back pain sooner. As an athlete or fitness buff, your spinal care enables being able to continue with your sports and fitness passions. Personal service is ideal for sports enthusiasts, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete.

Every sport carries its own set of risks. A trained back pain specialist like Dr. Melepura is familiar with the early signs of back pain. Tennis to football and everything in between can lead to:

Back Pain Treatment Options in NYC

While most back pain treatments in New York City require little if any invasive medical procedures, your back pain relief may require the expertise you find at the Sports and Pain Institute of NY, the best rated back pain doctors in New York. Whether you need chronic back pain treatment or periodic back pain relief, treatments you may undergo include the latest technology, such as:

Your NYC back pain doctor always begins your treatment with the least invasive procedures before trying more aggressive approaches. Lifestyle changes and ongoing physical therapy almost always accompany back pain relief protocols.

According to the study “Exercise in the Management of Chronic Back Pain” published on PubMed: “Musculoskeletal strengthening of the lumbar and cervical extensors has been shown to significantly reduce pain and provide successful clinical results for patients suffering from chronic back and neck pain. Lumbar strengthening as advised by back pain specialists has been successful because it is a safe exercise, it is prescribed based on pretreatment evaluation, and it provides objective measurements.”

Back Pain Relief in New York

Following surgery or any other back pain treatments, prevent further damage with:

  • Exercises aimed at strengthening your core and your back, while supporting the muscles that protect your spine
  • Muscle-building for your legs and arms
  • Aerobic exercises to maintain exceptional blood flow
  • Weight monitoring
  • Proper ergonomics when sitting and working
  • Good posture while standing, sitting and driving
  • Effective lifting procedures
  • The right shoes for each activity you participate in

Once you’ve experienced back pain, you may be more susceptible to an ongoing need for back pain treatment. Other risk factors that make you a likely candidate for back pain include:

  • Some diseases, such as cancer and diabetes
  • Lack of exercise
  • Aging, as back pain risks increase after the age of 40
  • Carrying excess weight
  • Tendency toward anxiety or depression
  • Smoking

Do you have any questions about back pain treatment we offer in NYC? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the back pain doctor Febin Melepura MD of New York pain management clinic? Please contact our office for consultation with the back pain specialist in Midtown Manhattan.