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Tennis Elbow Specialists in NYC

Tennis elbow treatment is not just for tennis players. Many people with jobs and hobbies that require repetitive arm motions need treatment for tennis elbow. The lateral epicondylitis treatment performed by the Sports and Pain Institute of NYC is the best treatment for lateral epicondylitis you’ll find anywhere. Come in and meet our tennis elbow doctor Febin Melepura M.D. to get the pain relief you need in the safe, reassuring hands of the best sports pain management specialists in NYC.

Tennis Elbow Treatment in NYCDon’t let the name fool you. Even if you’ve never played a game of tennis in your life, it’s still possible to develop a tennis elbow. The name can sometimes be a little deceptive. If you’re suffering from this condition, it’s likely the result of repetitive motion. Since tennis is definitely a game that involves repetitive motion, many professional and avid New York tennis players require tennis elbow treatments.

Without proper treatment for lateral epicondylitis, the elbow pain and discomfort can force you to give up the job or activity that’s the source of your pain and trouble. But don’t give it up just yet. Thanks to the many advances in tennis elbow treatment, lasting relief is possible through your sports medicine and pain management doctor in Manhattan.

The sport has become associated with the condition. The medical name for tennis elbow, which is difficult to remember, is lateral epicondylitis. And it can be the result of any job or activity that involves repetitive motion, such as work done by:

  • Assembly line workers
  • Butchers and cooks
  • Painters
  • Musicians
  • Carpenters

Breaking It Down

To fully understand your condition and the ways that lateral epicondylitis treatment can help, think of your body as one big machine. Even the smallest parts of your body have unique jobs. And they all have to work together as a whole. Many of these different functions are so natural that you’ve probably never given them a second thought — until they became a problem.

Tennis elbow is a painful and frustrating condition, caused when the tissues that connect your forearm to your elbow are overused and become irritated. You’re not alone. Millions of people in the United States suffer from tennis elbow. Most seek treatment for lateral epicondylitis. Your tennis elbow can cause:
  • Heat and swelling in your elbow
  • Pain over the outside of your elbow
  • Pain when you try to lift objects
  • Pain that travels down your forearm

Most conditions that result from overuse have various grades and severity. Someone else with tennis elbow may experience completely different symptoms than you do. Different symptoms require different tennis elbow treatments. It’s up to your doctor to develop a course of action for you.

Had an awesome experience so far with Dr. Melepura. He took the time to understand the history of my tennis elbow case and created an appropriate treatment plan for me. He also encouraged me to have a positive mindset as that helps with long term recovery.

Jineet Gandhi

Lateral Epicondylitis Treatment Is Individualized

Treatment for tennis elbow typically starts out with home remedies. If they work, you’re out of pain and have no need to continue. If they don’t work, the methods gradually increase in strength to get you relief. Treatments for tennis elbow include:

  • Lots of rest to ease pain and give your body a chance to recover
  • Ice packs to reduce swelling
  • Anti-inflammatory medications for swelling and to ease your discomfort
  • Counterforce braces that consist of a strap that you wear around your forearm, just under your elbow
  • Physical therapy, the preferred treatment for tennis elbow that can also keep it from recurring
  • Activity modifications such as:
    • Adjusting how you do an activity
    • Changing the equipment you use
    • Setting up your workspace differently

Cortisone injections typically are used in tennis elbow treatment if you’re still experiencing pain after several weeks of rest and rehab. But while corticosteroids relieve your pain, the results are temporary. And since they can damage your tendon, these injections are used sparingly. Ultrasound therapy can be effective for reducing your discomfort and helping your tendon heal without the same side effects.

Additional Tennis Elbow Treatments

Plasma-rich injections also provide your New York City doctor with options that rely on your own body to provide effective lateral epicondylitis treatment. Surgery is a last resort and often involves:

  • Cutting your tendon
  • Removing damaged tissue
  • Possibly both cutting your tendon and removing damaged tissue

In some cases, it’s possible to repair tears to your tendon during surgery, but less invasive tennis elbow treatments are always preferable. Fewer than 5 out of every 100 people that have tennis elbow undergo surgery. But if you’ve been in pain for six months or more, your specialist may opt for surgery.

Start Living Again

Lateral epicondylitis treatment is a matter of when and how. Ignoring your pain doesn’t help you feel better. The longer you live in pain, the worse your damage can become. Relief can be as easy as rest and ice. But if your case is more complicated, other methods may be necessary. Your Midtown Manhattan sports medicine specialist can help you decide which tennis elbow treatment is right for you.

If the activities you enjoy or the work that pays your bills have become unbearable because of tennis elbow pain, it can seriously detract from your quality of life. Stop living with pain. Your medical professional has options for you.

Do you have any questions about the tennis elbow treatment? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the best-rated doctor Febin Melepura MD of a sports injury clinic in New York City? Please contact our office for a consultation with the pain relief specialist in Midtown Manhattan.

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