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Wrist Tendonitis Treatment in NYC

Tendonitis in wrist pain can put a real damper on your everyday activities. Without exceptional wrist tendonitis treatment, you could end up with severe restrictions. Tendonitis in wrist treatment at the Sports Injury and Pain Institute in NYC is the best choice you can make to receive the most effective wrist tendinopathy pain relief in New York. Some of the treatments include corticosteroids, ultrasound procedures, or dry needling. If you are looking for “wrist pain doctors near me,” then make an appointment with Melepura M.D. to get the pain relief you need in the safe and secure hands of the best sports pain specialists in NYC.

    Wrist Tendonitis TreatmentYour muscles connect to your bones by way of tendons, which frequently can become irritated or inflamed due to overuse and repetitive strain. Tendonitis is commonly found in joints and areas that are exposed to extensive exercise or overuse. Tendonitis in wrist problems, however, is most commonly found among athletes within sports that require throwings, such as baseball and football.

    Wrist pain due to inflammation is the hallmark of tendonitis. It can vary in severity depending on how your wrist was injured. When working in a job or playing a sport that requires extensive and repetitive use of your wrists, you should be aware of the symptoms of wrist tendonitis to ensure that you don’t hurt your wrist further.

    Additionally, you need to seek tendonitis wrist treatment as soon as possible. Instead of suffering from the pain, seek help from your experienced sports and pain management team in Midtown Manhattan. They can prevent further complications. Without proper wrist tendonitis treatment, you could end up with chronic pain and/or crippling disabilities.

    Causes and Symptoms

    Wrist tendonitis is a common but painful condition caused by the repetitive friction, or rubbing together, of the tendons and bones in your wrist. With excessive exercise and extreme training in a sport that involves constant use of your wrists, you’re at risk for wrist tendinopathy or tendon tears. Some symptoms you may experience with tendonitis in wrist include:

    • Stiffness in your wrist
    • Swelling around the affected tendon
    • Pain in places such as the wrist and elbow, and the pain can become more severe when you put your wrist under any kind of strain or pressure
    • Inflammation in the wrist area
    • Tender when touched, which also tends to radiate up through your forearm muscles

    If symptoms become severe, be sure to contact your sports medicine physician. He can provide the best tendonitis wrist treatment for a safe and healthy recovery. Being aware of the causes and symptoms decreases your chance of putting yourself in a position to get wrist tendonitis.

    Wrist Tendonitis Diagnosis

    One of the first things your doctor does prior to wrist tendinopathy treatment is to make a diagnosis of the injury based on the description you give of the pain and symptoms you’re experiencing. A physical examination involving stretching your arm to locate the specific place where the inflammation has occurred can also help narrow down the possible causes.

    Your doctor checks both the range of motion and the strength of your arm. He’ll also check for swelling and tenderness of your arm by touching the different areas that you describe as the source of the pain. With all the information he collects, your doctor then recommends the best wrist tendonitis treatment for you so you can have a safe and effective recovery.

    Dr. Melepura was really thorough, patient and helpful with my initial visit. The office staff was were quick to get back to me about my insurance and scheduling a visit as well. The doctor also gave me exercises to do at home as well as referrals for PT. Great communication.

    Amrutha Vinod

    Tendonitis in Wrist Treatment

    There are many options available to you for tendonitis wrist treatments. But before you jump into invasive and complicated remedies, your Midtown Manhattan doctor first recommends at-home tendonitis in wrist treatment. These simpler techniques include:

    • Rest
    • Ice packs applied for 15 minutes every three or four hours
    • Compression with a light ACE bandage
    • Elevation when you’re not working
    • Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen and naproxen
    • Exercises to strengthen your arms

    If your pain doesn’t respond to your homecare treatments within a week or so, your doctor may advise that you undergo a little more invasive wrist tendonitis treatment options such as:

    • Corticosteroid injections
    • Tendonitis in wrist ultrasound procedures
    • Dry needling
    • Surgery, especially if it’s determined that you have a torn tendon

    Risks and Rewards of Tendonitis Wrist Treatment

    Wrist injections can provide immediate and often long-lasting relief, but their use is limited. If you have chronic tendonitis that lasts for more than three months, the steroids may actually prove to be counter-productive as they can weaken your tendon and lead to a rupture.

    No matter which tendonitis in wrist treatment you and your doctor land on, however, you must modify your activity to reduce wrist inflammation. At the same time, strengthen your arm to better support your wrists. Protect and strengthen your wrists for peace of mind — and long-term health for your wrists.

    Finding a Wrist Pain Doctor Near Me

    When looking for ways to effectively address the pain in your wrists, choose a skilled sports pain management specialist who can help you reduce your symptoms, restore your function, and minimize your chances of developing them again.

    Locate an experienced wrist pain doctor near you treating all kinds of painful culprits, including wrist tendinopathy, using safe and conservative methods such as corticosteroids, ultrasound procedures, and dry needling. In case your specific condition warrants more invasive therapy, Dr. Febin Melepura, MD, at the Sports Injury and Pain Institute in NYC, is also an expert in wrist and hand surgery, effectively repairing the injury and ensuring long-lasting relief.

    Do you have any questions about the wrist tendonitis pain treatment we offer in NYC? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the best-rated pain management doctor Febin Melepura MD at a sports injury and pain management clinic in New York City? Please contact our office for a consultation with the top pain relief specialist in Midtown Manhattan.

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