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Biceps tendonitis can sideline you from your favorite weightlifting routine if you don’t properly warm up your biceps tendon. A bicep tendon tear puts you out of commission while it heals and a torn bicep tendon has the tendency to reappear. Bicep tendonitis treatment in Midtown NYC consists mainly of rest, although your NYC sports injury team has biceps tendonitis treatment that, used in conjunction with activity modifications, can lead to complete healing. Reach out to out sports injury clinic to get the pain relief you need in the safe, reassuring hands of the top sports injury and pain management specialists in NYC.

Bicep Tendonitis Treatment Doctor in NYC, Pain SpecialistWith all the activities you subject your body to, it’s really no wonder that shoulder injuries and biceps tendonitis are becoming so common.

Sports injuries alone account for a significant branch of the medical industry. Overdoing strenuous arm activities such as rowing, throwing or trying to lift too much weight can lead to bicep injuries. A torn bicep tendon is one of the most common and painful. A bicep tendon tear and biceps tendonitis can seriously slow you down.
Your biceps tendon is a rope-like tissue that stretches from your elbow to your shoulder. It’s an important tendon because it’s in charge of several motions. It allows you to:

  • Bend your elbow
  • Rotate your forearm
  • Stabilize your shoulder
  • Raise your shoulder

If you think you may be suffering from a bicep tendon tear or you’re in need of biceps tendonitis treatment in Midtown Manhattan, you’re probably experiencing one or more of the following:

Once you develop Popeye muscles, even the simplest act of holding a phone or tablet can lead to discomfort when your condition flares up.

Nobody Wants to Live Life on the Sidelines

A torn bicep tendon can limit your activities if you have a muscle imbalance, joint instability issues or rotator cuff weakness. When your chest muscles are tight and your back muscles are weak, your shoulders may slouch forward more than usual. If your tendons begin rubbing together when you raise your arms, it may be because the bony arch space they normally pass through has been compromised.

Instability issues and rotator cuff weakness can wreak havoc on your game and on your health. Your NYC sports injury doctor often encounters patients with one shoulder up in its socket and jammed into the overlying biceps tendon. These “jams” are commonly associated with sports involving overhead motions, such as basketball.

Pinching your biceps tendon like this is the result of bony projections and shoulder tears. Pinched bicep tendons cause swelling and frays that can last for varying amounts of time. Bicep tendon tears are the painful, common result of attempting to lift or move more weight than the strength of your muscle fibers can support.

Getting Back in the Game

Regular exercise and stretching helps you avoid biceps tendonitis and shoulder tendonitis because it strengthens those supporting muscles that include those in your:

  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Rotator cuff
  • Upper back

By keeping these muscles healthy and in good functioning order, you can prevent bicep tendonitis treatment. Consulting an experienced sports medicine and pain management doctor in Manhattan helps you establish the type of moderate, controlled exercise that promotes your total recovery and continued physical health.

Bicep Tendonitis Treatment

Biceps tendonitis is difficult to heal due to the versatile nature of your biceps. Every movement threatens to damage the tendon even further. And it’s difficult to imagine a day without using your biceps. But while it’s impossible to completely rest these tendons, your recovery benefits from:

  • Avoiding activities that place stress on your weakened tendon
  • Resting your arms as much as possible
  • Applying ice to the area to significantly reduce any swelling
  • Using topical pain relieving cream or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs

If your condition fails to improve or your swelling remains, contact your New York City medical team immediately. More advanced treatments may be necessary. Further biceps tendonitis treatment may include:

  • Corticosteroid injections, which are a fast-working solution to inflammation and pain
  • Surgery, always a last-resort treatment option, only used in the most extreme cases that aren’t responding to other types of treatment

Torn Bicep Tendon Treatment

When torn bicep tendon treatment requires immediate attention, the first treatment method is alternating heat and ice directly to the injury to relieve pain and reduce swelling. And while partial tears possess the ability to heal on their own, a complete bicep tendon tear is not only painful, but it presents a potential cycle of these types of problems recurring over and over.

If you’ve torn your biceps tendon in the past, you run a higher risk of re-injury and lingering tendonitis. Here are some treatment recommendations:

  • Make allowances for extra warm-up time in cold weather
  • Never increase your workout more than 10 percent per week
  • Wear personal protective equipment as directed
  • Get assistance from someone trained in strength and conditioning to teach you proper lifting techniques

Do you have any questions about the bicep tendonitis pain treatment we offer in NYC? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the best rated tendonitis pain management doctor Febin Melepura MD of sports pain clinic in NYC? Please contact our office for consultation with the top pain relief specialist in Midtown Manhattan.

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