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Shoulder Bursitis Treatment in NYC

Shoulder bursitis treatment is common among aging athletes in New York City. Bursitis shoulder treatment following accidents can repair damage to the bursa sacs between your bones. These bursa sacs give your shoulder its flexibility. Treatment for shoulder bursitis by your Manhattan sports medicine doctor involves monitored lifestyle modifications while you heal. Come to our sports injury and pain management clinic to get your shoulder pain evaluation and appropriate treatment. Our shoulder doctor Melepura M.D. is one of the best shoulder specialists in NYC. 

Shoulder Bursitis TreatmentMedically speaking, shoulder bursitis is swelling and inflammation that occurs between the bone at the top of your shoulder — called your acromion — and your upper arm bone or humerus. It’s also possible for this inflammation to occur between the tendons and muscles around your shoulder. Either way, it can cause extensive shoulder pain.

Everybody has fluid-filled sacs that lubricate and cushion areas prone to friction. Your bursa sacs actually help to reduce the friction and irritation that lead you to seek bursitis shoulder treatment in Midtown Manhattan. The friction can occur between:

  • Bones
  • Tendons and bones
  • Ligaments and bones
  • Bones and skin

Causes for Treatment for Shoulder Bursitis

Repetitive, minor impacts to a specific area are the most common cause of bursitis. But it can also be the result of more serious injuries that happen suddenly. Your age is also a contributing factor. As you age, your tendons are less able to tolerate stress, placing more pressure on your bursae.

Regardless of whether bursitis in your shoulder is caused by injury or overuse, whether if began at work or play, your lifestyle plays a role. Poor posture wreaks havoc on the lubricating sacs. Repetitive motions or strong impacts will hurt you over time. And if you stretch improperly before or after you exercise, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk of developing bursitis.

Certain types of arthritis in your joints and physical defects, as when your legs are different lengths, put stress on your bursa sacs. Inflammation and stress from other injuries and conditions also can lead to bursitis. These sometimes include:

I've been working with Dr. Melepura for a couple of months now. After a lifetime of heavy work, the effects started becoming very apparent, i.e. pain and reduced range of motion due to bursitis in your shoulder

Jordan Smilovic

Symptoms of Bursitis

Pain is generally the main indicator of bursitis in your shoulder. Your pain may build slowly over time or strike suddenly, without warning. You may feel it as slight discomfort, or it may feel severe and intolerable.

If you have calcium deposits in your shoulder, the pain can be intense. You may even suffer a severe loss in the range of motion in your shoulder. This condition is called adhesive capsulitis. It’s more commonly known as a frozen shoulder and can come from the immobility and pain caused by your bursitis. The worse your shoulder hurts, the less you tend to move it. Unfortunately, the lack of motion can make your condition significantly worse.

Shoulder Bursitis Treatment

There’s a variety of ways and techniques used in shoulder bursitis treatment. These typically include:

  • Take a break to rest your problem shoulder, as advised by your Manhattan sports medicine doctor. You’ll feel an immediate relief in this treatment of shoulder bursitis.
  • Avoid activities that irritate your bursitis. This doesn’t reverse your condition, but it goes a long way toward beginning your treatment for shoulder bursitis.
  • Apply ice to the area of your injury. Icing your shoulder after exercise can, in some cases, prevent the condition from happening in the first place.
  • Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, which the doctor should approve. But if your condition doesn’t improve in the course of a week, seek additional bursitis in shoulder treatment.
  • Get a round of corticosteroid injections as a bursitis shoulder treatment option. They’re widely used as bursitis in shoulder treatment because they can drastically reduce your swelling. However, if your condition doesn’t improve rapidly, your doctor may advise you to discontinue this treatment because it may mask other potentially serious symptoms. Additional symptoms may indicate that your bursitis shoulder treatment should be reevaluated.
  • Follow physical therapy and pain management recommendations. These treatment options are often the cornerstones of your shoulder bursitis treatment. Developing your range of motion, strength, and function ensures a speedy recovery and improves the overall quality of your life.
  • Consider surgery as a last resort. In the most severe cases, there is no response to previously attempted treatment for shoulder bursitis. Surgery may be the best bursitis-in-shoulder treatment option for you.

Continued Bursitis in Shoulder Treatment

If a new exercise plan is in your future, be smart about it. If you work out with weights, you’ll lower your chances of developing bursitis by building up your weight and repetitions gradually. If you experience any type of new or unusual pain, stop what you’re doing immediately.

Staying strong and healthy is the name of the game. Stretching is critical to keep your body flexible, especially as you age or take on new physical challenges. Build a relationship with your Manhattan sports medicine team to stay on top of your physical issues. Once you have shoulder tendonitis or bursitis, it’s often easier to get them again.

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